7615 Designated Accessible Parking Spaces

POLICY   No. 7615

BRICK TOWNSHIP BOARD OF EDUCATION                                                        PROPERTY  



The Brick Township Board of Education will designate accessible parkingspaces within parking lots at district schools, office buildings and otherschool facilities where employees and visitors have on-site parking. Thelocation and number of designated accessible parking spaces will bedetermined in accordance with applicable Federal and State law andapplicable local ordinances and codes.

These designated accessible parking spaces shall only be used by individualswith handicapped parking permits. A vehicle shall not be parked in one ofthese designated parking spaces unless there is a handicapped parking permitwithin plain view from outside the vehicle. In the event there is a vehicleparked in a designated accessible parking space without a handicappedparking permit the Principal or designee will make an announcement on theschool’s public address system to have the vehicle relocated to anotherparking space in the parking area. If the car is not moved within five (5)minutes of the announcement, the Principal or designee shall contact theBrick Township Police Department to enforce the applicable laws and codesregarding a vehicle parked in a designated accessible parking space withouta required handicapped parking permit.

In the event a staff member had a temporary disability requiring thetemporary use of a designated accessible parking space, the Principal, uponconsultation with the school nurse, may issue a temporary handicappedparking permit for the staff member.

In order to ensure designated accessible parking spaces are occupied byvehicles with a clearly displayed handicapped parking permit, the Principalor a staff member designated by the Principal will inspect the vehicles inthese designated accessible parking spaces periodically during the schoolday.


First Reading: November 17, 2011
Adopted: December 15, 2011

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